Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wreck-it Ralph!!!

I worked for a very short time on Wreck it in Visual Development, but really enjoyed it. So many fantastic artists were in the v-dev team...a very intimidating prospect!!! Both Mike Gabriel and Ian Gooding (art directors on the film) brought really terrific and different sensibilities to the film.  Go see it---its a really fun and really beautiful film. Be sure to look for the art of Ryan Lang, Helen Chen, Jeffrey Turley, Kevin Nelson, Andy Harkness, Brittany Lee, Shiyoon Kim, Minkyu Lee, Lorelay Bove, Scott Watanabe, Mac George, Mike Gabriel,  Ian Gooding, James Finch, Vicky Ying, Justin Cram, Bill Perkins, and Jim Finn.

Ralph Bad-anon moment. Painted over CG renders...with rough character help from the fantastic Bill Schwab. Based on a color render from lighting lead, Chris Springfield. Character color based on art by Cory Loftis. Art direction by Mike Gabriel and Ian Gooding

Tappers Moment. Based on a color key from Andy Harkness. Characters worked with guidance from Bill Schwab. Art direction by Mike Gabriel and Ian Gooding

Ralf wrecks cart moment. Based on a color-key from Lorelay Bove. Characters worked with guidance from Bill Schwab. Cart design by Cory Loftis. Art direction by Mike Gabriel and Ian Gooding

Bugs devour Sugar Rush moment
The last piece I did on Ralph. Layout by Mike Gabriel along with foreground frosting painted by Ryan Lang (the really great part). Art direction by Mike Gabriel and Ian Gooding


  1. Amazing work Dan. I'm glad stumbled on this.

  2. Thanks, Dan-I really appreciate you taking a look!!! Do yourself a favor and check out Ryan Lang, Helen Chen, Kevin Nelson and the other artists that worked on the show....really strong showing of talent (speaking of the others on the show...)

  3. I love these paintings. Incredible colors! loved the film!

  4. Thanks, Ethan!! Be sure to check out the people I listed above---very inspirational!!

  5. I love this film so much :) This might make you smile, my wheelchair dog was Wreck It Ralph and Sugar Rush for Halloween :)
    He raises so much awareness for special needs pets and when he comes to the Halloween Parade in NYC all decked out he gets so much attention. People tell us they are inspired to help animals and adopt special needs pets after meeting him. He was a death row dog, but he is our little guy now. He made a perfect Ralph! Happy Halloween!

  6. That's really cute...glad you loved the film!!! And I'm even more glad that you love your dog so much---and all animals