Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fantasia 2000

Fantasia 2000 recruitment trip to the UK and Ireland c.1997
(L to R- Me, CG Supervisor Steve Goldberg, FX/Artistic Coordinator Dave Bossert, Supervising Director Hendel Butoy,  Executive Producer Roy Disney Jr.,  and Producer Don Ernst). Picture behind, is Roy's private jet which we flew on. Yeah....like that happens all the time (Yes, I'm teasing).

Steve Goldberg and I had the best time ever on this trip...and I'm so glad I didn't us killed....or fired....or pushed out of the plane..... or....

An odd project, with some great people that worked on it. And yes, Francis Glebas...it was an honor to work on the Pomp and Circumstance section with you, Mitchel Bernal, Kevin Nelson, Dean Gordon and the BG crew (decor) and under-appreciated supervising animator, Tim Allen. 

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