Friday, June 1, 2012

Tangled Lighting Keys

Key for an aborted scene that was to done in production by our brilliant matte painter, Jang Lee as a  P-Map.
.......Which I think means a projection on primitive geometry...and stuff.
This is painted over a great development drawing by Kevin Nelson



            Various lighting keys for Tangled.  All of these started off as paintings over a CG render at various stages of lighting. What you see here are paintings that we would do to inform our lighting artists what we needed more of  (staging, lighting direction, color.)   IN ALL CASES,  our lighters exceeded and made better images than what we initially conceived.  There's a lot going on underneath these touch ups. We have characters posed by the animators, tweaked by Glen Keane...then these would have rough lighting done by one of our sequence lighting leads--Alessandro Jacomini, Rich Lehman, Josh Staub, Chris Springfield, Bobby Miles, Ernie Petti, and Brian Leach....Dave Goetz, Mohit Kallianpur, and I would then under the direction of the lighting leads take a shot at the the directors (Dave's would go well and mine would crash and burn) and we would re-show until the key had the mood the directors were going for. See? It's simple (har-har). This is just a few keys from my batch...but a lot of work from a lot of people is what you truly see.


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  2. Some pretty stuff here. Thanks for sharing it.