Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Still a few openings left in my Color And Lighting class!!!

My class at Concept Design Academy has a few openings left...for the first time out of the 3 times I've taught it. Join us...we'll have some fun!!!
As in the previous post where I talked about this class, this is about practical observation...as opposed to color charts and theory. By learning to observe colors in nature, we can bring this knowledge to our work, no matter what style we work in!!!



  1. I'm a bit too young and quite too far to take any of your classes but I'm very impressed by your work. Your style is, for lack of a better word, extravagant. The colors you use, I hope you notice this as well, seem to always fit so perfectly. Honestly, I wish I could just keep you in my pocket.

  2. Megan,
    You are way too kind. Keep in mind that for every decent painting, there are hundreds of awful ones that I don't show. Keep studying!!