Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More Zootopia VisDev and Production work...

I didn't do a lot of splash pieces, on Zootopia. But this is digging into some of what was done.
From a cancelled scene with Nick at the Hopps family house for dinner

From Hopps bedroom- also never seen in the film. Initial brilliant designs done by Andy Harkness
This was a sparring dummy that Hopps kept in her bedroom.

Color scheme from Hopps bedroom. Production Design by Dave Goetz/ 
with Art direction by 
Matthias Lechner

     Texture reference callouts from Zootopia Police headquarters.. Drawing and design by Matthias
                     Lechner. All our props and environments require this kind of preparation.

A simple but really cute newspaper bin from Little Rodentia. Matthias established a really cute look throughoutthat all departments, design/Look/ modeling worked very hard to preserve. I think we did!!

Trash bin from the city. Note wear and tear and specific examples of what kind of paint and distress.
I think Byron Howard designed the Zootopia logo here. I scratched it up.
                                Dr.Armadillo's walk-in clinic. Cut out of the movie...sadly

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