Thursday, March 10, 2016

Zootopia Color Keys/ paintovers.....etc

        Zootopia in so many ways is a groundbreaking movie, from its message in the way we view and judge each other through to its game changing animal animation raising the bar on what is possible. The Lighting team was fantastic, and in most cases  was able to take verbal direction and deliver amazing results.All the other departments also delivered way beyond what we could've hoped or wished for. I'm still happy as a pig in sh*t that I was involved.

I post this in the spirit of showing the thinking process that we had in directing the lighters. Though these are retouched or minorly painted by myself, in all cases
they are under the supervision of Dave Goetz, my friend and colleague (and boss) and Brian Leach- our director of Lighting and Cinematography. My apologies to anyone left out.

Early staging keys  pushing big values and shapes

Look of Picture Tests-painted over already beautiful lit sets but pushing separation of values and silhouettes and atmosphere. Little Rodentia by Diana Zeng, and Tundra Town by Amol Sathe. Minor photoshop painting by yours truly

Color Key for the Manchas goes wild seq. Painted over existing rough lighting

                                                         Very early Jumbaux Pop key

Welcome to Zootopia. Early paintover for color atmosphere and staging. Painted over rough lit shot
by Gina Lawes

                                Painted over a shot by Greg Culp and lighting lead, Diana Zeng

                                      Zootopia police department- lighting lead Gina Lawes

Jumbaux Pop-Lighting lead Mark Siegel

 Homesick Hopps-Light lead: Alex Nijmeh. This was our initial key for how dismal her apartment lighting was after her bad day on the job. The Final lighting is far better than this-which is how you want it!!

                                              FruFru's wedding-lighting lead: Diana Zeng

Another very early paintover, for staging and color. Painted over some very well developed lit keys by one of our lighting leads, Gina Lawes. Mainly adding shadow color, atmosphere, vignette


  1. Thanks for showing these! I really enjoyed the movie. Its one of those films that makes me appreciate the craftsmanship behind it and motivates my own career ambitions as a background painter!

  2. This film was great! This is certainly a film worth studying!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these incredible pieces!

    1. Thanks Ahmed!! Again, what you're seeing really is a group effort

  4. Dan, this scenes are drawn wonderfully.
    Thank you for all of your work done on Zootopia, it has one of the best animations I have ever seen.
    Hope to see more works like this.

  5. Thanks, David. It was a great film with an amazing crew. My deepest apologies in taking so long to respond. I'm mainly on dethancooper_art. I will stop in every now and then... any questions (or complaints) are best there


  6. OMG see what I found. Beautiful and amazing!


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