Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Having Fun (DAMMIT) .....or a few diddies I did in James Paick's class

Misc Doodles (huh?)

The Temple of Liger (James' Gathering Card assignment)

Antihistamine ground support troops. Administering antihistamine spray on half-tracks to large snouts dripping snot, while giant pollens attack. Its a plausible story....

These are all a few pieces that I did in James Paick's Environmental design class at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena. The main thrust of the class tends to be sci-fi oriented and post-apocapolyptic. My challenge for myself, was to try to be more light hearted about it (most of the class is very game-centric, as opposed to what we do here at Disney---which is always about charm and appeal---NO MATTER WHAT the subject matter). If you want to do "Sucker Punch" the animated series, then we're not the studio for you. Note quite sure if I was successful, but I did have fun. James is a terrific painter and very direct in his painting and also teaching. I highly recommend taking from him!!

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