Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drawing (for what its worth)

Somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes...

3 minute poses

10 minutes

2 minute poses (Karl Gnass' class at Disney)

20 minutes

Charcoal studies (heavily influenced by my friends Mark Westermoe, and Karl Gnass).
Though I never studied with Fred Fixler, I was heavily influenced by his students and by watching
him from Brandes Art Institute where he chose me to be his first color painting teacher back in 1983 (later Fred left and formed California Art Institute). Heavy thanks to Mark Westermoe (whom I took too many classes from), Greg Pro, Morgan, Glen Orbik (who I still need to study with...), and Laurel Blechman...who's father suffered through Fred's really bad cheap side. The man was a character, that's for sure


  1. Your drawings look great! And no, you don't still need my classes ( unless your goal is simply to make me feel inadequate...).
    Is there some story that you've heard about Fred and Aaron that we don't know of? Other than reminiscing by phone, the only contact that they ever had was as teenagers back in the day.

    1. Thanks, Glen (and you're being too kind). new stories...just the old ones from the Calabasas school. I'm referring to Laurel's father...when he was building the old school for Fred, not Aaron. Favorite quote," if someone's giving me a 75% discount...I'll ask for 80."
      Then Fred's maniacal grin and twinkle in the eye.

    2. Ironically, the quote actually sounds a lot like something Aaron would have said as well( or wished he had...).
      I also remember Fred inventing ways to trim students class costs like inserting a "photo day" ( so the model fee could be missed for a week) and going out of his way to arrange for late payments for Morgan and me etc. He knew most of the students were not loaded with cash either. I'd vote for "Frugal " not cheap, but what can I say...

  2. These drawings are awesome Dan! I've always admired your drawings in Mark Westermoe's classes. Glad to see your work. I always wanted to take your figure painting classes but never had the opportunity. Any chance you'll teach again?

    1. Steve,
      Nice of you to say that...I sure miss Mark Westermoe teaching, BTW...:(
      As to my getting back to teaching figure painting, no plans right now...mainly because I'm trying to push my skills at work at Disney (never good enough). In my opinion, there are so many great painters teaching classes...Bill Perkins and Sunny Apinchapong locally...and Ray Roberts for both figure and landscape...there's more but those guys are the guys I'd queue up for first!!!

  3. I enjoy looking at this kind of work -- I particularly like the next to last charcoal sketch, b t w -- because it reminds me that I can't do everything. Two minutes? Gah. I couldn't do some of those in two hours. Or at all.